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Confident Communication Strategies for Women

OnDemand Webinar (78 minutes)

Learn how to communicate more directly, confidently and effectively during this crash course in women's communication strategies. In the increasingly diverse business world, there is no one-size-fits-all communication style. There are significant differences in the way that men and women communicate, and they should not stand in the way of getting your point across. In fact, if you focus on the different strengths in these styles, you will find that you create more equal opportunity, hone cooperation, and get more done. Most of the time it is not your gender so much as it is your approach that causes mixed messaging, poor projects, and dropped deadlines. This topic will deliver a crash course in purposeful communication skills that will transcend gender differences and meet the communication needs of different personality types so that you can be more direct, confident, and effective.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC


Exude Confidence

• Preparing to Improvise

• Throwing Away Excuses

• When, Why, and How to Apologize

Give Yourself a Voice

• How to Ask the Right Questions

• Defining and Using Action-Oriented Language

• Employing Tone, Pitch, and Silence to Make Your Point

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Message Stick

• Reaching Your Entire Audience - the Communication Hierarchy

• Leading Through Stories

• Correcting Body Language Interpretations

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