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Dealing With Employees Who Bring Their Problems to Work

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn techniques to better coach employees who are burdened with outside stressors.Handling workplace negativity and outbursts of anger that originate from outside the office is a completely different art than handling internal conflict. When an employee brings negativity into the office rather than checking it at the door, it's not long before the sympathy and commiserating involves everyone around them. This can cost the company valuable production time and leaves supervision in the role of playing the 'let's get back to work' bad guy. This topic will show managers and leaders how to discipline with dignity when sensitive issues are brought into the workplace. You will learn how to set up your mornings with huddles, walk-arounds, and early accountability tasks that shut down office emotion before it begins. By the end of the material, you will know how to coach employees who are burdened with outside stressors to even out their temperament for the good of their career. You will also know how to lead the distracted employee to prioritizing their work day with a sure-proof quadrant system and legally set up your company with leverage to discipline for gossip and shared negativity.


Kate Sheridan, Herding Ostriches


Openly-Displayed Emotions vs. Emotional Suppression

Self Awareness Tactics to Use to Check Your Emotions at the Door

Calling out Supervisors Who Don't Check Their Emotions at the Door

What to Do If You Supervise Someone Who Doesn't Check Their Emotion at the Door

What to Do as a Company If Employees Have a Long History of Openly Displaying Emotion Inside Your Doors

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