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Create and Manage an Excel® Database

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Copyright 2018
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Learn how to create, analyze, and manage data in Microsoft® Excel®.Managing data is becoming more important than ever as data collection is more automated and you're getting swamped with tons of data. But what can you do with all that data? You need to know how to rearrange the data (sort), see just what you want to see (filter), create quick summaries (subtotals), restructure fields containing too much data (text to columns) and eliminate redundant records. If you are setting up a new database, you need to become familiar with the best ways to lay out your data, how to take advantage of Excel®'s Table feature, and how to use the powerful validation tools that not only keep out bad data from the start, but also drastically reduce data entry drudgery with drop-down clickable lists.


Dennis Taylor, Taylor Associates