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10 Reasons Why Companies Adopt Marketing Automation

January 5, 2018

Marketers today are faced with a growing number of challenges. These challenges are often the driving force behind why they adopt marketing automation. This guide explores these issues and how marketing automation directly addresses them. You will learn: Top 10 problems marketers face today How marketing automation addresses those problems Key concepts in lead management, like routing, scoring and nurturing Marketing metrics used to refine and optimize results

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

January 5, 2018

It’s the age-old problem: sales and marketing don’t work well together. Marketing thinks sales isn’t following up with the leads they generate. Sales thinks marketing doesn’t drive enough quality leads. What can alleviate the misalignment between the two teams? A marketing automation platform that’s well-integrated with the sales CRM. This guide will walk you through why system integration is important, how it works and best practice tips. You will learn: Why you should integrate your CRM with marketing automation. What to look for when choosing a marketing automation platform. Steps for aligning sales and marketing around the technology.

Marketing Automation Simplified

January 5, 2018

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re likely expected to drive more qualified leads to sales, help sales close those leads more efficiently and prove your impact on ROI – all with your existing human resources. You can’t accomplish this working in disparate systems or using manual processes. You must find a way to scale your efforts so you can drive growth. You will learn: Basics of Marketing Automation How Marketing Automation Works How to Leverage Marketing Automation to achieve your goals

The Unexpected Impact of Call Conversions on Marketing ROI

June 13, 2017

For many shoppers, nothing beats talking to a real person. Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer’s business. And as digital advertising goes mobile, these conversations are becoming more common—calls to U.S. businesses from smartphones will reach over 160 billion by 2019, a 73% increase from 2015. How well your marketing drives phone calls can make it or break ROI. This guide shares the attribution, analytics, and optimization strategies that top CMOs and marketing leaders use for phone calls to significantly improve ROI and customer acquisition.

The Facebook Playbook for Phone Call Conversions

June 13, 2017

Facebook has gone mobile. And thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, Facebook ads will help drive 12 billion call conversions in 2016. This playbook from DialogTech explains the call attribution and optimization strategies marketers should follow to drive the most conversions and customers from Facebook ads. You will learn: Facebook Ad Tips to Drive Calls Drive Traffic From Facebook to Your Landing Page 5 Facebook Targeting Tips to Drive Calls

The Click-to-Call Playbook for Display Advertising

May 18, 2017

Consumers today view display ads on their smartphones. And when they convert, many prefer to call. Display advertising drove over 28 billion calls in 2016, and marketers must change how they measure and optimize display campaigns to be successful in 2017. Download this playbook from DialogTech and learn how to: Prove the real impact of your display campaigns on revenue Optimize ad placement to drive more conversions Target new audiences most likely to call Increase conversion rates by turning display ads into click-to-call ads

The Click-to-Call Playbook for Paid Search

May 18, 2017

Consumers now click on “Call” buttons from search ads and landing pages by the billions. To stay competitive, marketers must change their desktop-centric thinking and adopt new mobile-first ad, bidding, and attribution strategies for call conversions. Use this new playbook from DialogTech to get started. Learn proven strategies to drive calls and revenue from paid search, including: How to take advantage of AdWords and Bing ad formats for click-to-call Targeting and bidding options to drive call conversions The key data around phone calls you must capture to prove and optimize performance Ways marketers are controlling the in-call experience to convert more callers to sales

The Digital Marketer’s Guide To Call Attribution

May 9, 2017

In today's mobile-first world, the success of your digital marketing often depends on driving phone call conversions. You now have to know the digital channels ads, campaigns, search keyword, and website interactions driving qualified calls – so you can optimize for what’s bringing in the most customers. This guide explains why call conversions have become so important to digital marketing and introduces you to call attribution – what it is, how it works, and its benefits for digital marketers. It also provides a self-assessment and tips on how to select the right call attribution platform for your business. What you will learn: Why call conversions are so important to AdWords, Facebook, and display ROI The dangers of ignoring call conversions in your marketing analytics How to select the right call attribution platform

Five Location Mistakes Made by Mobile Advertisers

March 14, 2017

Are location mistakes taking your campaign off track? Mobile and location are natural partners, so it’s no wonder that location targeting has become a key to mobile advertising. But is it possible to go overboard and even misuse location? In a word, yes. In this eye-opening report, you’ll learn the most common mistakes made by mobile advertisers, and how to prevent every one of them. Download this white paper so you can avoid the location fails that reduce the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns. You will learn: The state of location-driven mobile marketing The most common location mistakes made by mobile advertisers and mobile ad platforms How to prevent every one of them

Mobile Ad Success Funnels Down to This

March 8, 2017

Everyone knows that taps, video views and store traffic are useful metrics for gauging customer engagement from your mobile ad campaign. But the ultimate measure of mobile ad success - the Holy Grail of measurement - is actual sales at the register. Some say it's not possible: We know it is. If you're among those who wish it were possible to track in-store sales back to mobile ads, don't hesitate to download this content from acclaimed author and mobile marketing expert, Jamie Turner. You'll see that tracking sales is not only possible - it's being done every day. Download now and learn: Three mobile ad funnel realities How to measure mobile ad campaign success throughout the sales funnel How major brands are able to target, track and measure the success of a mobile ad campaign