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The Complete Guide to First-Party Data

May 3, 2021

In this guide, we outlined everything you need to know about first-party data. You’ll learn why first-party data benefits your efforts, how and where to collect it, best practices around data collection and usage, and recommended technologies for streamlining your processes. Plus, we include a few real-world examples of how brands are leveraging first-party data today. The Complete Guide to First-Party Data will help you learn how to: Better understand your audience’s interests, preferences, characteristics, and behaviors— directly from them. More accurately predict future customer behavior, improve your targeting, enhance your marketing campaigns, and hyper-personalize your content. Build transparent relationships about data usage with customers. Recoup revenue lost to third parties in recent years. Download this guide today! By submitting your information, you agree to Lorman’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This Guide is sponsored by OneTrust; by submitting this form I understand I may be contacted by OneTrust about its products, services, and events.

Trust: A Marketer's Competitive Edge

March 12, 2021

Preference management – a marketing strategy that gives users control of their data and transparency into how it’s being used, while simultaneously allowing organizations to collect first-party data and better serve their audiences – is becoming increasingly crucial for brands. OneTrust PreferenceChoice, along with the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), surveyed marketers to explore the current state of consent and preference management and the value it can provide to organizations. Download this guide to learn: Everything marketers need to know about the value of consent and preference management How to build a marketing strategy that delivers on customer expectations while maintaining compliance with global privacy laws Key insights of the survey as well as industry trends and best practice By submitting your information, you agree to Lorman’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This Guide is sponsored by OneTrust; by submitting this form I understand I may be contacted by OneTrust about its products, services, and events.

What Comes After Third-Party Cookies?

February 8, 2021

"What Comes After Third-Party Cookies?” is a guide from OneTrust PreferenceChoice that explains how marketers and publishers can navigate the depreciation of third-party cookies. As third-party cookies end, the most valuable component to your work will be building trust with customers. Including preference management in your strategy can enhance the user experience and deliver personalization through first-party data capture, as well as reduce opt-outs and unsubscribes. You can show customers you’re listening to what they want, while respecting and protecting their privacy. Download this guide today and learn: Everything marketers and publishers need to know about the changes to third-party cookies Strategies to implement for first- and zero-party data collection Concrete steps to build trust and transparency with customers By submitting your information, you agree to Lorman’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This Guide is sponsored by OneTrust; by submitting this form I understand I may be contacted by OneTrust about its products, services, and events.

The Ultimate Agency Guide to Video Marketing

November 27, 2018

As people are presented with more and more content, it gets harder to cut through all the noise. The key is to know what types of content work best, and how to get that content front and center for your audience. Download this guide to learn: How to boost engagement and deliver results with video. Actionable tips to multiply your video subscribers. Tricks to optimize your video strategy with lead scoring, personas and other automation features.

Creating Landing Pages That Convert

November 27, 2018

You have to have a singular focus and discipline and be very clear about what the desired conversion action is on your landing page.” – Tim Ash, Author of Landing Page Optimization Landing pages can make or break your digital marketing. If you’re new to creating landing pages, this guide will give you the scoop to get going. If you’ve got a few under your belt, you’ll get actionable tips to make them perform even better. Download this guide to learn: What a landing page is and is NOT. Planning & creating the perfect landing page. Testing & optimizing: Why your landing pages are never ‘done.’

The Secret Formula for a Marketing Budget

November 27, 2018

Balancing tools, time and resources to hit the magic number Determining a marketing budget can be frustrating. How do you know if you’re investing enough or if you’re applying your marketing dollars efficiently? Download this white paper and you’ll learn: Two easy equations for calculating your budget. Why it’s important to factor in more than just expenditures. How much you should be spending to ensure steady growth.

Turn Marketing Automation into a Killer Profit Center

November 27, 2018

After realizing its clients simply couldn’t afford HubSpot, this agency decided to make the switch to SharpSpring – an affordable HubSpot alternative. Download this white paper and you will learn: Get an inside look at HubSpot’s hidden costs and platform fees See a feature-by-feature comparison of HubSpot and SharpSpring Learn how this agency has used SharpSpring to multiply its profits

Your Secret Weapon to Sell Marketing Automation

November 27, 2018

It's About Placing the Platform Right in the Client's Hands Using marketing automation in your pitch is a near sure-fire way to win over prospective clients. You get to demonstrate your expertise with the platform, and clients can see exactly what’s missing in their marketing strategies. Download this white paper and you will learn: Learn how one agency uses marketing automation to sell marketing automation Discover how to personalize each pitch with the client’s data, logo, etc. See how one agency increased its monthly recurring revenue by 30%

Optimize Your Search, Facebook, and Display Targeting with Call Analytics

July 9, 2018

Put Callers into the Right Retargeting and Lookalike Campaigns When consumers call your locations or call centers, do you know how to market to them next? Should you retarget them with specific AdWords, Facebook, or display ads? Or use them in lookalike campaigns? You don’t want to retarget callers who already converted, but you don’t want to ignore unconverted callers with buying intent. Learn how to acquire more customers and lower CPL by targeting audiences that want to call with the right ads at the right price. Download this eBook and learn best practices to retarget your callers via AdWords, Facebook, and display.

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Personalizing Caller Experiences

June 5, 2018

When consumers engage with your search ads and digital marketing, they often convert by calling. Provide the wrong experience to those callers, you lose customers and your ROI suffers. It’s why digital marketers are now personalizing not just the online experience, but the offline experience when consumers call. They are using strategies that help their businesses convert more callers to customers. Download this new eBook from DialogTech to learn if those strategies could improve your digital ROI. Learn the 7 marketing strategies to personalize caller experiences Understand how marketers use what happens on calls to improve audience targeting Learn real examples of how businesses are converting more callers into customers

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