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Web copy should use about half the word count or less than conventional writing, so keep it short and to the point. This isn't the great American novel. Your goal is to make sure your audience can understand every word you say while reading quickly. If they have to stop to get a dictionary because you used too many cryptic words or jargon, you'll lose their interest.

Kevin Nunley — Consultant —

There are many entrepreneurs today who are earning thousands of dollars each month. They have found financial freedom. And when asked what they exactly do with their online business, their answer is affiliate marketing.

The big secret in affiliate marketing success is an effective pre-selling. Pre-selling happens when the visitor is already willing to purchase the product even before he clicks the banner that will link him to the merchant's website.

In pre-selling, the target customer is already convinced of the importance of a certain product. And by the time the target customer arrives in the merchant's website, he will immediately proceed to the order form page. Thus, the affiliate gets a high conversion of visits into sales.

Peter Garant — Author — Frontpage Content

Did you know that you can increase your newsletter sign-ups by simply registering your newsletter name domain? When people see your newsletter has its own domain name, they think you are professional and your newsletter is worth joining.

Ladan Lashkari — Author — Free Newsletter Ideas

Blogging is a great way to reach your audience, share your thoughts, and even help you with your Internet marketing. Starting a blog is easy to do and pays huge dividends. There are a number of free services available that offer free blog services. Sites like Blogger and WordPress only require a brief registration and set up. Once you determine a theme for your blog and a template, you're ready to begin posting.

Michael Fleischner — President — Marketing Scoop

Offer freebies - this is an old trick but exceptionally effective nonetheless. Everybody loves something free. Do not cheat at the value as you would not go too far with that kind of attitude. Offer high-value and the word will get out.

Author — Unknown —

Don't underestimate the value of your time or the time that others are spending on search engine optimization related tasks. You should determine the costs of these activities in order to truly realize and manage your expense. Often times, you can hire a resource for much less per hour than you're spending to do the necessary tasks of keyword research, competitive analysis, or link building.

Michael Fleischner — President — Marketing Scoop

Check this out: 94% of Internet users now watch online video with some level of frequency, and people now spend a whopping 46% MORE time each DAY watching videos, compared to last year!

So if you haven't dipped your toe into the online video world, you'd better get cracking! Video, like blogging, has multiple benefits for your business:

You can use video in your salescopy in order to more effectively sell your product... you can use it for SEO purposes and traffic generation (Google LOVES video!)... to create informative or educational videos for your niche... and to spread the word about your business.

Derek Gehl — CEO/Marketing Consultant — The Internet Marketing Center

I suggest that, instead of hunkering down under the bed and waiting for the storm to pass, you might give some thought to the fact that like you your customers need some encouragement that their good times aren't all past and gone. Pull up your socks, square your shoulders and show the world what you're made of. By definition, your business, product, or service exists to improve the lives of people. When you tell people this, you are offering them hope.

Author — Unknown — Marketing Wisdom

Make sure your offers are easily accessible. Even if you are trying to capture your visitors' emails as a part of a lead-generation strategy, remove long and tedious registration forms. If you have an interesting report or a terrific white paper, make it easy to download. This way you will substantially increase the number of downloads.

Angela Kambarian — President of Essential Communications — Essential Communications


1. Write scannable text!
2. Remember your goal is to provide information
3. Incorporate KPs and Keywords
4. Don't try to sell too soon or too hard!
5. Keep your opinions to yourself
6. Edit to the bone
7. Be original
8. Do a spelling and grammar check

Manan Nagpal — Author — Marketing Scoop

3 Tips to Make Your Website Sell
1) If you are selling a product, your page should do just that...and ONLY that. Don't fill up your page with links that take visitors away from the one action you want them to take: to buy your product. 2) For non-sales pages on your site, keep your navigation simple and consistent, and use white space liberally. You don't need to fill every available spot with an ad or link! 3) Buy, and read, the book, "Don't Make Me Think," by Steve Krug. It's a fun, lighthearted book with seriously great website layout advice. You'll never look at your website the same way again!

Luanna Rodham — Author —

An intelligent website doesn't leave a visitor stranded, searching for the customer benefits of the company's products or services. It:

1) Provides clear statements that are customer benefit oriented
2) Supports its claims (often using customer and third party support)
3) Proactively addresses potential objections and
4) Ushers the visitor into a dialogue

Peter DeLegge — Author — Marketing Today

The biggest companies want to sell their products and services on the Internet. One of the best ways to market their products and services online is by offering a commission to website owners. However, a little-known way to promote these offers is by using incentives to online surfers who agree to buy a product or service from the webmaster.

Gerardas Norkus — Author — "Paid Email Busines Secrets"

Here's a surprising statistic: 49% of Web users now make a purchase based on a recommendation they received through a social media site (like Facebook, MySpace, and so on).

Okay, maybe that's not so surprising, but you know what is? Apparently only 25% of online retailers created a Facebook page this year!

Despite its clear success rate, marketers have generally been slow to make the leap to social networking.

So if you haven't tested the social media waters, NOW is the time to get started!

Derek Gehl — CEO/Marketing Consultant — The Internet Marketing Center

Not only is internet marketing a hot topic, but Pay-Per-Click search engines are still a mystery to most people. More importantly, online marketers stand to lose significant money if they don't have "insider" tips on maximizing their return on investment. Try and write to a) save people money, b) make people money, c) motivate people, or d) entertain people. These are all strong motivators and ezine publishers know it.

Jeff Smith — President — Higher Trust Marketing

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