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OnDemand Course: Understanding Non-Fraternization Policies

Understanding Non-Fraternization Policies

Understand the risks associated with non-fraternization policies and learn how to write, implement and enforce them.The exodus of decision makers and front-line employees, because of workplace relationships, continues.

OnDemand Course: Fundamentals of Python

Fundamentals of Python

Learn the basic concepts of Python along with its many popular features.Python is a free, open-source programming language that is one of the most widely used over the web but can be used for other software development.

AIPB credit available

OnDemand Course: Building a WOW Resume That’s Guaranteed to Stand Out and Be Remembered

Building a WOW Resume That’s Guaranteed to Stand Out and Be Remembered

Learn which factors have proven to impress recruiters and hiring managers to the point where they will notice, remember and recommend your resume.In today's crazy job market and record-high unemployment rate, the...

Available as OnDemand Course, MP3 Download

OnDemand Course: Business Writing Fundamentals

Business Writing Fundamentals

Understand how to write with clarity and precision to become a better business writer.When it comes to accelerating your career success, increasing your chances of getting a job offer or promotion, and even making more...

OnDemand Course: Financial Management Tools

Financial Management Tools

Learn valuable financial management tools so that you may develop proficiency in producing and reading financial statements.This topic will help develop proficiency in interpreting and using accounting information in...

OnDemand Course: Refreshing Your Resume

Refreshing Your Resume

Your resume is your first impression - make sure it's a good one.As the pandemic winds down, many people will be seeking jobs, and many employers will be looking to ramp up to meet production/service delivery demands.

OnDemand Course: Metaphor Mastery: Entertain to Win Every Sale

Metaphor Mastery: Entertain to Win Every Sale

Transform your sales speech to entertain and win sales. Using proper language techniques, you too can gain more clients and close more sales. Would you like to become a Master of Metaphor and successfully use the power...

OnDemand Course: Business Grammar Fundamentals

Business Grammar Fundamentals

Gain a better understanding of essential grammar rules to better communicate as a business professional.In this wonderfully diverse business environment, your writing and speaking must be professional, inclusive, and...

OnDemand Course: Best Practices of WINNING Team Selling

Best Practices of WINNING Team Selling

Team selling occurs anytime there is more than one person on a sales interview. It can be a formal "dog-and-pony show" or a casual conversation. There are many advantages to team selling.

OnDemand Course: How Today's Online Marketing is Reshaping the Professional Services Industry

How Today's Online Marketing is Reshaping the Professional Services Industry

The world of online marketing for professional services is undergoing a revolution. Technological advancements have broken down geographic barriers. Access to information is now free flowing.

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