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Strategies to Tame Incivility and Boost Cooperation in the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn about the common causes of incivility in the workplace and what you can do to promote cooperation.Incivility has permeated our culture and our workplaces. From national politics to courtrooms to media to work, people have learned not to be nice to each other. While bullying and misbehaviors are decried, very little is done to support a culture of civility. The result is conflict, chaos, loss of productivity, low morale, and costly turnovers. This topic helps leaders, supervisors, and managers understand the causes of incivility and provide actionable ideas to promote civility and cooperation in teams and workplaces.


Douglas E. Noll, J.D., M.A., Noll Associates


What Causes Incivility?

• Ignorance

• Lack of Motivation or Incentive

• Laziness

• Leadership

• Organizational and Cultural Norms

Why Don't People Cooperate?

• Don't Know How

• Have a Competitive, Adversarial World-View

• Workplace Culture Is Based on Individual Reward and Recognition

• Management Is Authoritarian

• Leadership

What Can You Do About It?

• Dealing With the People That Report to You Is Your Job

- Treat Them With Respect

- Listen to the Emotions, Not the Words

- Teach Your People How to Problem-Solve

- Errors and Mistakes Are Teaching Moments

- Know Your People and What Motivates Them

- Understand and Practice the Difference Between Leadership and Management

- Provide Direction, Safety, and Certainty - the Psychological Roles of Leadership

• Teach by Example

- Do You Have Time to Be Civil?

- Are You Motivated to Be Civil, No Matter the Provocation?

- Can You Be the Wise Elder in the Room?

• Create Kindergarten Rules Around Simple Manners

- Please and Thank You

- Talk Directly Rather Than Email or Text

- Model Politeness and Respect Even When Profoundly Disrespected

- Establish Ground Rules During Meetings

- Have a Written Agenda

Things You Can Do for Yourself

• Learn How to Mediate

• Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

• Learn How to Coach

• Work Two Levels Down

• Train Your People to Be Leaders