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Reading Candidate Body Language in an Interview

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Understand how to read and interpret common interview body language signals.This topic will teach you the importance of reading candidates' body language in an interview. The information provided will leave you with tools and techniques that you can apply during candidate interviewing, not only for the candidate but also for yourself.


Cynthia R. Mullins, Baldwin Rise Advisory Services


Candidate Interviewing

• Definition

• Types of Interviews

• Effective Interviews

Candidate Body Language

• Movement

• Expression

• Voice and Speech

Forms of Communication

• Verbal

• Nonverbal

• Authentic

Cultural Differences

• Body Language

• Expressions

• Proximity, Physical Contact


• Observation and Mirroring

• Instincts, First and Last Impressions

• Best Practices

Interview Assessment

• Expanding Listening

• Perception vs. Reality

• Conclusions