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GDPR Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (15 minutes)

Understand the main purpose of GDPR regulations and how to stay compliant.The rapid growth of the internet and the use of personal information for many purposes has sparked concern regarding privacy. Companies hold sensitive, personal, information within their databases and it is important to ensure that the data is held in a proper manner. It is also important for companies to acquire their data in a legal way, with permission. This presentation will inform the audience of the main purpose of regulation and GDPR specifically. This regulation helps ensure that the individual's private information is protected properly and gathered only when permitted. There are eight primary pillars of the GDPR that highlight different areas of the data protection process.


Eric Robuck, The Valander Group


Overview of Regulations

• How They Work

• Examples of Regulations

Introduction to (General Data Protection Regulation) GDPR

• Where It Originated (EU)

• What It Does

• How It Works

The Eight Pillars/Rights of GDPR

• Description of Each Pillar/Right

The Importance of GDPR

• Privacy

• Personal Protection