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Writing Effective Business Proposals

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn how to write a business proposal and take your idea from concept to a tangible plan, to execution.A business proposal simply is a blueprint of the goals, projections, financing and other particularly important elements of a new business venture or the revamping of a current business. We will cover those topics and you will be able to create your own business plan. You will use your business proposal to present a summary of your new project, product, or service to potential investors, bankers, and customers. The business proposal will include your marketing and implementation strategy, and your financial plan. Any potential investor with cash to put into a startup will want to know that you have a solid plan in place. A formal plan or proposal will give them a good idea of how your new business will run, succeed, and be profitable.


Mel Coe, Ph.D., Mel Coe and Partners


Executive Summary

• Name of Business, etc.

• Business Description and What Do You Want to Do?

• Is It a New Product?

• Funding Request - Going for a Bank Loan, Grant, SBA Loan

- Internal Funding

- Marketing

- Staffing

- Administration

• Start up?

- What Are You Providing Your Customers With?

- Fulfilling Their Needs and Wants

• Industry Overview

• Seasonal Factors

• Position in the Industry

• Legal Issues

- Patents

- Trademarks

• Target Market - Main Market for the Business (Internal/External)

- Secondary Markets

- Foreign Markets

• Competition

- Competitive Advantage

• SWOT Analysis

Business Summary

Marketing Summary

Strategy and Implementation

• Tactics of Sales Promotion

• Maintaining Quality of Product

• Marketing Campaigns


• How Are You Going to Pay for All of This?

• Expected Return on Investment