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Basics in Adobe InDesign 2021

OnDemand Webinar (69 minutes)

Get familiar with Adobe InDesign's tools and techniques.If you are looking to create and publish anything from a postcard to your next novel, Adobe InDesign is the perfect app to use. This course will show the basic steps to start using the program. How to open, create pages and choose templates. You will learn what tools to use and how to use them. Learn how to set up paragraphs, headlines, and more.


Jill A. Trehearne,


What Is Adobe InDesign?

• History

• What Can InDesign Do?

Construction of an InDesign File

• I Have a Pasteboard - What's That?

• What Are You Creating?

Elements of the Workspace

• Tools

• Pasteboard

• Properties

How to Make Changes to the Workspace

• Essentials

• Book

• Digital Publishing

Tour of the Tabs/Menu Items

Let's Create a Document

• What Is the Document for?

• Who Is Your Audience?

• Choose Template

• Add Text, Images, Colors

• Save

• Export