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Google Sheets, Slides, and Saving Data to the Cloud

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn the fundamentals of utilizing Google® Drive.Many companies are switching to Google® Drive and Google Docs, where people can create spreadsheets, letters, slide presentations, and other documents. Although similar to the Microsoft® Office equivalents, there are enough differences that make it confusing to learn Google Drive and Google Docs. This topic will better help you get to know Google Docs. It will provide information about the one thing you need to get access to Google Docs; writing documents and letters with Google Docs; getting a spreadsheet started with Google Sheets; getting a presentation started with Google Slides; getting used to the screens in the Google Docs Suite and saving your work to Google Drive.


Tom Fragale, The PC Guy, Inc.


Accessing Google Drive

• Gmail® Account

• Logging in

• Creating a File

Google Sheets

• Building a Spreadsheet

• Formatting Data

• Importing/Exporting From Excel®

Google Docs

• Creating a Document

• Formatting a Document

• Importing/Exporting From Word™

Google Slides

• Creating a Presentation

• Formatting a Presentation

• Importing/Exporting From PowerPoint®

Google Drive

• Saving Files to Google Drive

• Finding Files

• Downloading Files From Google Drive