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Practical Tools and Techniques for Reducing Anxiety

OnDemand Webinar (36 minutes)

Gain the tools needed to leverage your body and mind to cope most effectively during challenging times.The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress and strain on a global scale, and our personal and professional well-being relies on our ability to identify and manage it. Join Dr. Aaron Weiner, board-certified counseling psychologist, for a focused course in the underlying purpose of anxiety and stress and how we can leverage our bodies and minds to cope most effectively during challenging times.


Aaron Weiner, Bridge Forward Group



Current Anxiety Trends During COVID-19, and How They Have Impacted the Workplace

Understanding Stress, Anxiety, Avoidance, and Safety Behaviors

• Evolutionary Purpose of Stress and Anxiety

- Stress - More Biological

- Anxiety - More Cognitive

• The Reinforcing Nature of Avoidance

• Safety Behaviors and Objects

Techniques and Approaches to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

• Stress Reduction Techniques

- Grounding/Mindfulness (Activate Parasympathetic Nervous System)

- Diaphragmatic Breathing/ 4-Square Breathing

- 5-4-3-2-1

- Mindfulness Meditation/Apps

• Anxiety/Fear Reduction Techniques (Cognitive Shifts)

- Cognitive Change - Teaching Yourself/Exposures

- Cognitive Distractions for Thought Spirals

- Gratefulness Activities

Questions and Answers