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Automation Technology for Your Business to Win Clients

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Understand the value of automation technologies and how to integrate them into your business model to gain a competitive advantage.There has never been more noise in the marketplace as there is today about technological automations for businesses. The constant advancement of business technologies unlocks more potential for organizations to thrive. Becoming a fully automated enterprise is a commitment to transformation. However, businesses are just starting to understand their value and how to integrate them into their business model to gain a competitive advantage, especially when AI is combined with automation. Automations are extremely powerful but do not have to be super complex. They enable business owners and employees to automate, relying on personal intelligent robots-helpers, while operating in the seamlessly connected web of systems, software, and applications. Learn how much value companies can get by adding AI and automations to business applications and processes, how to architect a smart business with automation and more.


Stacey M. Lake, Lawfecta


How to Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business

• The Myth of Multitasking

• How You Are Losing Clients

• Outsourcing vs. Automating

Find What Your Clients Need From You

• Determine Your Client Journey

• Map Your Sales Funnel

• Determine and Track KPIs

Create a Turn-Key System of Automation

• Find the Areas to Automate

• How to Select Your Tools and Platforms

• Implement Your Automations

• Test, Analyze and Refine Your System