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Managing Up, Down, and Sideways

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn the importance of expanding your influence and bring about improvements in your organization through 360 degree management.Many employees think of themselves as individual contributors rather than managers. One may not have the title of manager or even manage other's performance, but they are still a manager whether it is a manager of projects or of time spent. We are all managers. We all are responsible for managing multiple tasks and/or projects. We definitely manage our relationships with our boss, our co-workers, our to-do lists, and other relationships. You may also manage different items such as health issues, traffic jams, sick children, lost reports, board meetings, car problems, etc. So no matter if we do not have the title of manager, we are all managing up, down, and sideways. This topic will help you understand different techniques for managing things that occur in our professional and personal lives and how we can cope with the stress of managing.


Jackie A. Sexson


Managing Yourself

• Establishing a Personal Brand

Managing Up

• Managing Down but Not Up

• Managing Up but Not Down

• Respect the Boss for What They Do

• Understanding How to Communicate With the Boss

Managing Down

• Developing Positive Relationships With Your Employees

• Empowering Your Employees

• Building Relationships

• Understanding the Generation Gap

Managing Sideways

• Managing Your Peers That Are Your Friends as Well

• Gaining Mutual Trust and Respect From Your Peers

• Managing Conflict Resolution