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12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Office

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently by discovering these keyboard shortcuts.How important are keyboard shortcuts? Do you find yourself frustrated having to move your hand off the keyboard to use the mouse and then endlessly clicking on tabs to make a word bold or change from one worksheet to another? This material will show you how to navigate through the Microsoft® Office ribbon using only the keyboard. Learn how to create new slides and insert textboxes or objects in PowerPoint. Be more productive in Word™ by creating tables of contents, footnotes, or citations using key combinations. Learn about those numerical 'F' keys at the top of the keyboard.


Jill A. Trehearne,


Basic Shortcuts in All Microsoft Office Programs

• When/Where Did the First Shortcuts Get Used?

• List of Basic Shortcuts


• Using the Alt Key

• What Are Key Tips

Word™ Shortcuts

• Create Table of Contents

• Add Footnotes or Citations

• Turn on/off Track Changes

• F-Key Functions


• Jump From Worksheet to Worksheet

• Create New Worksheet

• Insert Objects, Such as Charts, Pivot Tables, or Pictures

• Shortcuts for Format Cells (Add Percentage, Dollar Signs, etc.)

• F-Key Functions


• Adding Text Boxes

• Create New Slides

• Shift Object Positions (Forward or Backward)

• F-Key Functions


• Open/Send/Receive/Delete Messages

• Switch Between Views

• Create Message, Contact, Meeting Request, and Task

• Move Items

• F-Key Functions

International Keys Short Cuts

Hot Keys

• Create Your Own Shortcuts