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Be an Amazing Mentor: Tips to Make a Positive Impact on Your Employees

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

With proper planning and implementation, an effective mentoring program can be a win for the employees as well as the employers.Sustained success is the goal of any business. Your business can build a chemistry that promotes lasting productivity with the help of an effective mentoring program. Building a mentoring program in the workplace facilitates educational opportunities that can help employees advance in their careers and can facilitate a welcoming corporate culture. Mentoring programs have been proven to reduce high turnover rates, tackle diversity problems and improve employee engagement. Creating a successful mentoring program for employees can be a challenging but worthwhile initiative. Learning to engage with employees in the most positive way will promote learning and contribute to the success of your mentoring program. This topic will help you achieve that victory. Organizations need to create viable career paths for employees that promote strong internal mobility and allows individuals to explore opportunities from a lateral, vertical, or even a diagonal perspective. A mentor relationship is a viable tool in this developmental process. Preparing to be an effective mentor is a key component to instituting an exceptional program. Your program is advanced by learning more about mentoring and the qualities of a successful mentor. It is important to know how you benefit from the mentoring relationship and the do's and don'ts of mentoring. This topic will focus on how aligning talent management processes and providing linkages between job roles, desired competencies and key experiences that will help organizations enhance their future competitiveness. The discussion will demonstrate that implementing well-thought-out mentoring strategies can provide employees with opportunities and a clear direction on how to increase their skills and advance their careers within their organizations. Being an amazing mentor is about discovering and building upon an employee's innate strengths and tapping into their greater worth to the organization.


Larry Hammond Sr., V1H Consulting


Determine What You Are Trying to Accomplish

• Employee Engagement

• Retaining Employees

• Attracting New Talent

• Advancing Your Organizational Goals

• Recognize Potential vs. Readiness

• Look Towards the Future

Examples of Mentoring Programs

• Boeing

• Caterpillar

• McGraw-Hill

• Bain and Company

• General Electric

• Intel

Mentorship Programs as Part of Your Organization's Culture

• Create a Structure

• Talk to Your Leaders

• Establish Career Coaches and Mentors

• Promote and Foster Diversity

• Invest in Training and Development

Creating a Successful Mentoring Program

• Clear Expectations

• Set Goals and Timelines

• Develop Activity Schedule

• Connect Mentors and Mentees

• Establish Community/Social Aspects

Define and Measure Success

• Are You Meeting Your Set Objectives?

• Garner Feedback

• Monitor and Track Employees

• Spread Good News

• Modify Programs as Needed

Qualities of a Good Mentor

• Good Listener

• Flexible

• Knowledgeable

• Nonjudgmental

• Honest and Candid