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Interviewing to Uncover the Candidate's Communication Skills

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Communication plays an important part in the employee acquisition process, ensure you are hiring the best candidates and avoiding hiring mistakes.Hiring mistakes can cost an organization reputation, employee and organization productivity, market share and not to mention tens of thousands of dollars. There are many areas that need to be addressed during the employee acquisition process like; interview skills, checking on references, getting accurate information from a candidate and so much more. The common thread in every area of this process is communication integrity. This material will review several key topics in three important interviewing and hiring areas; what do you need to know and why, avoiding the common hiring mistakes, techniques for hiring the best candidates, and how they are grounded in effective and integrity-based communication. This information can help you hire the best people, avoid serious hiring mistakes, and ensure the new hires are the best choice to help you improve organization performance.


Tim Connor, Connor Resource Group


What You Need to Know and Why When It Comes to the Hiring Process

Common Communication Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Communication Best Practices to Ensure and Integrity-Based Interview Process

Why People Misrepresent Certain Life and Career Areas and How to Get to the Truth

How to Handle Areas Like Compensation, Gender, Age, Race, Background, etc.

Using Effective Communication to Check References

How to Identify Candidate Real Weaknesses, Insecurities, and Poor Skills

Communication Skills on How to Determine the Best Candidate When You Have Several Options

How to Ensure the New Hire Will Get off to a Fast and Effective Start

What to Do If You Discover You Have Made a New Hire Selection Mistake