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Advanced Data Analytics in Finance

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how the power of analytics allows you to craft the story of your organization's past and present.In today's world of technology, information is collected en masse and routinely stockpiled within our enterprise resource planning software. Far too often business leaders and finance professionals are overwhelmed with the mounds of information collected and critical data is overlooked. Important strategic decisions are made without truly understanding the business implications hiding within the statistics. Go beyond the flashy dashboards and take a deep dive into your data. Create a positive future by jumping in the driver's seat and harnessing the power of data analytics. In this program, you will learn the importance of the three elements of data analysis in finance, how to create an analytics strategy and the importance of data integrity. Transcend from crunching numbers and only looking at summary statistics and take control to maximize your company's financial potential by making sound strategic decisions.


Wendy Dutenhoeffer



• Analytics Are Everywhere - From Your Phone to Your Board Room

• Big Data and Algorithms

• Why Analytics Matter

Analytics in Finance

• Descriptive - Historical Data

• Predictive - Future Outcomes and Trends

• Prescriptive -- Decision Making

Designing Your Analytics Strategy

• It All Starts With a Question

• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

• Easily Understandable

• Endless Possibilities

Data Integrity

• Chart of Accounts

• Data Providers and Data Entry

• Critical Thinking

• Reports and Review

Possible Pitfalls

• Consumer Privacy Issues

• Faulty Use of Data

• Shallow Data

• Data Bias

• Making Incorrect Assumptions