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Building Effective Sales Relationships

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

Learn essentials skills every salesperson should have when meeting and communicating with a client.What makes for a good sales relationship? Is it just making "the sale"? Is there more? As a salesperson there are usually four steps in the relationship and each of these stages gives the seller deeper insight into the mind of the buyer. It is vital that in today's highly competitive world of sales, that the representative be prepared with as much ammunition as possible. This is not to say that the seller is the only one in charge of the relationship. The buyer must cooperate for the understanding to take place in order for there to be a deeper penetration into the company's culture. If you want to learn to communicate better this is the #1 program for you!


Stephan Schiffman,, Inc.


Opening a Sales Conversation

• Taking About Yourself First

• Letting Others Into Your World

• Creating Rapport With a Person You Have Just Met

The Objective of the First Meeting

• What Do You Want Them to Know?

The Definition of Sales

• What You Need to Know About the Person

• Who Makes the Decision?

Nonverbal Communication

• 65% of the Way We Communicate Is Through Nonverbal

• What Nonverbal Signals Do You Use?

• What Nonverbal Communication Have You Seen in Sales?

Having an Opening for the Meeting That Engages the Person

Ask Yourself Why Are They Seeing You in the First Place?

• What Do They Want to Get out of the Meeting?

• What Is Our Definition of Sales?

• I Is Not Based on Solutions, or Problems, or Even Need

• The Major Competitor in Sales Is the Status Quo

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Communication Skills

5 Things That You Should Be Conscious of During a Meeting

5 Things to Open the Conversation and Create Rapport