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How to Develop a Business Writing Style

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to develop a business writing style that communicates ideas in a way that is engaging and notable.We spend one-third of our time at work writing. It is a powerful tool in business which requires an exchange of ideas and interaction. Our readers, as with conversationalists, want writing that has personality and purpose - not just facts. Writing reveals how you see the world. Ideas must be captivating and communication engaging to be notable. Develop a business writing style that increases your success. Learn to appreciate the perspective of your readers. Ensure attainment of your goals by adding rhythm and tone to complement your message.


Lauritta Sowa, WiseOwlOps, Inc.


Components of Style

• Ideas

- Demonstrate Awareness

- Be Yourself

• Persuasion

- Words and Sentences Create a Tone

- Visualization

• Organization

- Get Objective Clear

- Focus on Ideas Not Formatting

Message Behind the Writing

• First Things First

• Essence of the Message

• The 5 W's

• Create a Natural Flow

- Style and Tone

- Rhythm and Voice

• Publish Just the Right Amount

- Think About Your Reader

- Use the Three-Part Style

There Are Some Rules

• Relationship Management

• Organizational Awareness

• Unspoken Rules

• Have a Writing Process

Discover Your Voice

• How You Will Communicate

- Choice of Words

- Recognizing Belief Bias

• Writing in the Active Voice

- Active vs. Passive

- Think Cap

• Direct vs. Indirect

• Formal vs. Informal

Tell a Story

• Writing Is Conversational

- Let Your Personality Shine Through

- Create a Coherent Flow So Readers Stay on Track

• Guide Your Readers

- Introductions and Summaries

- Signposts

• Be Clear and Concise

- Use Clear and Straightforward Language

- Eliminate Unnecessary Words and Phrases