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Effectively Lead Your Team: Multiple and Flexible Leadership Styles

OnDemand Webinar (55 minutes)

Understand the principles of what it takes to be a great leader and guide your team to success.Everyone develops their own leadership style throughout their career, and it is a guarantee that no two leaders are the same. And, yet, those leadership styles are developed through a blend of behavioral style, life experiences, preferred communication style, and preferred conflicting handling style. The best leaders know when and how to adapt their preferred leadership style to meet the needs of their "followers" while facing unique situations and obstacles. Those great leaders have a wide set of skills that they can utilize to achieve their goals, their organizations goals, and help their employees achieve their goals. This topic will provide you with an overview of the four most commonly known leadership styles, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provide ideas to help you determine the best styles to use with different employees and during different situations.


Cheryl Grazier, M.S.I.D., M.P.A., Cheryl Grazier Consulting LLC


Leadership and Leadership Styles

• What Is Leadership

• Where Does Leadership Come From

Situational Leadership Styles, Is One Better Than the Others, and When to Use Which Style

• Commanding

• Promoting

• Joining

• Entrusting

Flexibility Through Preparation

• Leadership Is About Knowing Your People

- Proficiency/Leadership Styles

- Communication Styles

- Motivational Interest