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How to Communicate With Highly Sensitive Employees

OnDemand Webinar (76 minutes)

Develop awareness and acceptance to the HSPs in your workforce which is inclusionary and benefits the organization as a whole.The bona fide HSP more completely thinks about choices and results thus might be a significant contributor to your organization. They are steadfast, principled workers, great at group building and client relations. Being "highly sensitive" signifies being high in tangible preparing affectability (SPS), a characteristic that is innate and hereditary. "Excessively touchy" and "profoundly delicate" sound comparative and have often been confused. You may think about a delicate individual as a juvenile, self-ingested, and touchy person who becomes totally unglued at each little thing. This is not the case as, being "highly sensitive" signifies being high in tangible handling affectability (SPS), a quality that is innate and hereditary.


Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


What Is Sensitivity in the Workplace?

• Ensuring That Everyone in the Workplace Is Respected and Treated Appropriately

• Learning to Consider the Perspectives of Others

• Learn About and Understand People Who Are Different From Ourselves

6 Ways to Communicate With Highly Sensitive People

• Pause for Processing

• Notice and Gently Suggest Alternative Behaviors

• Picking the Right Time to Give Feedback

• Praise and Encourage Authentically

• Invite Questions

Diversity and Inclusion

• Diversity - Who Is Your Team?

• Inclusion - Celebrating Who Is on Your Team