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Security Issues Surrounding Debit Card Transactions

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain an understanding on different security issues and how to strengthen payment card security.Any business, merchant, service provider that accepts debit and payment cards is subject to potential electronic card theft and is liable for noncompliance. This critical information provides definitions of the security challenges and lays out the governing standard. Access will also be given to resources that can help the business to strengthen its payment card security posture (PCI Data Security or PCI DSS). This information will be particularly helpful for controllers and finance, IT personnel, and/or anyone associated with debit/payment card transactions, security and compliance within an organization. Walk away with where to go and whom to call for further knowledge and compliance strengthening surrounding card security.


Greg Johnson, PCIP, Webcheck Security


Stories and Occurrences of Card Theft

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

• What Is PCI and Where Did It Come From?

• Who Governs the PCI Standards and Fines?

• Fines and Fees You May Be Paying and How to Make Them Go Away

Critical Things You Can Do Now

• Phishing and Security Awareness

• Proper Vulnerability Scanning

• Limiting Access and Scope