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Analysis Reports in Microsoft Excel

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn how to properly prepare an analytics report with Microsoft Excel®.Microsoft Excel® is the most common analysis software on the market and it is not just for spreadsheets - it allows us to easily turn data into sophisticated graphics and charts. PivotTables, charts, and data analysis are amongst the most popular of all analytical tools. This topic provides you with tools to master analysis and reporting from data cleansing to visualization. Learn how to simplify statistics and realize the importance of PivotTables. This information includes creating trend lines, charts, and maps to visually displaying your results. A working knowledge of Excel® is recommended for our analysis course.


Lauritta Sowa, WiseOwlOps, Inc.


Your Analytical Objective

• Data Analysis - Interpret Meaning

• Understanding the Objective

• Clean up and Extraction

Organizing Your Data: Tables, Filters, Subtotals and Pivots

• Tables

• Filter

• Subtotals

• PivotTables

Visualize Your Data: Charts, Maps, and Trend Lines

• Charts and Graphs

• Line and Bar Charts

• Line Graphs

• Complex Charts

• Summary Charts

• Pie Charts

• High-Low Charts

Frequency and Trend Lines

• Histograms

• Scatter Diagram

• Trend Lines

- Linear Trend Lines

- Logarithmic Trend Line

- Polynomial Trend Lines

• Moving Average Trend Lines

• Maps

Know Your Numbers: Descriptive Statistics

• Data Analysis

• Central Tendencies

• Variability of Data

• Standard Deviation