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Maintain Strong Relationships in the Era of a Global Pandemic

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Learn to proactively maintain and strengthen professional relationships through a pandemic.Right now we are all being asked to maintain physical distance from one another. This topic will help you take away immediate actionable best strategies to maintain and nurture even stronger relationships when your ability to meet face-to-face is limited. In this demanding stay-at-home global lockdown you will learn how to engage with people much more in virtual conversation, become actively engaged in online groups, chat and message with peers, co-workers, clients and others through distance-based communication. Now more than ever, it is critically important that you utilize tools and resources at your disposal, and engage with others from a distance so they know you are with them.


Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A., The Chazin Group LLC


Connect With People by Matching Values

• Your Values, Professional Needs Wants, and Desires With Theirs

• Leverage Your Organization's Vision, Mission, Core Values

• Who Have You Worked Most/Least Effectively With

Develop a Key Relationships Strategic Connection Plan

• Identify Your Ideal Connection Profile

• Network With People Online Means Connecting, Engaging, Sharing, Serving

Forge More Powerful Relationships Online

• Engage People Online

• Perfect Your Video Conferencing Skills

• Develop Relationships Based on Giving and Adding Value