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Managing Stress in the Workplace: Tips and Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Protect yourself from the damaging effects of stress and in turn, be more productive and proactive in the office.Though you cannot control everything in your work environment, there are ways to address difficult, stressful situations. The American Psychological Association reported that last year work was the second leading cause of stress in the United States. It was ranked ahead of the economy and just below money, all of which are clearly related. So much of our well-being and that of the people we care about turns on what we may do for a living, and being successful at that is more than a function of competence or even excellence. It is about having the resilience and fortitude and courage to handle the inherent stressors career and work confront us with every day. This topic will help focus on workplace stress and how you can not only cope but find direction and perspective you can channel into being more productive and more helpful to others.


Carranza M. Pryor, Greenberg Traurig LLP


Introduction - The Serenity Prayer

Causes of Workplace Stress

• Lower Salaries

• Excessive Workloads

• Unmet Aspirations

• Unfair Treatment/Expectations

• Discrimination - Racial, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age - Both Real and Perceived

Effects of Workplace Stress

• Poor Health - Depression, High Blood Pressure, Weakened Immune System

• Behavioral Changes - Short Temper, Difficulty Concentrating

• Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Overeating, Smoking Cigarettes

• Sacrifice of Time and Attention to Family

Managing Stress

• Track Stressors - Keep a Journal

• Develop Healthy Responses

- Exercise

- Reading/Hobbies

- Adequate Sleep

- Spend Time With Family and Friends

• Set Boundaries

- Disconnect From Phone

- Learn How to Say No

- Take Vacation

• Communicate With Boss/Co-Workers

• Social Support

• Looking Within

- Meditation

- Prayer Life