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Managing a Remote Sales Team

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn to effectively manage a remote sales team with these proven processes.The keys to successful remote sales management. Without an effective, tested and proven remote sales management process, guidelines, and techniques it is all but guaranteed that your sales force will produce poorer results, poor margins an inconsistent revenue not to mention a lack of purposeful growth and effective competitive positioning. This presentation will share dozens of ideas, concepts, techniques and strategies to maintain motivated, focused and performance-driven salespeople regardless of their tenure, location or experience. This topic will cover critical management techniques, creating a motivated and purpose-driven sales effort, effective communication skills to ensure integrity-based performance, purposeful coaching and training giving everyone the skills they need to achieve expected results, effective territory management, conducting remote employee reviews, maintaining integrity and accountability and effective and purpose reporting to ensure each person is performing at peak levels regardless of their background. This is a MUST session for any sales manager or director who is responsible for any number of sales representatives regardless of their location, experience, income level, and sales territory responsibilities.


Tim Connor, Connor Resource Group



• Basic Management Principles to Ensure Employee Peak Performance

• A Few Management Myths That Sabotage Performance

• Creating a Culture of Team Effort Rather Than Individual Focus

• Common Management Mistakes When It Comes to Remote Supervision


• The Responsibility of Motivation

• The Three Basic Motivators

• Common De-Motivators

• Why People Are Motivated


• Common Communication Mistakes That Sabotage Effectiveness

• Several Communication Techniques to Ensure Communication Clarity and Integrity


• Why Coaching Matters

• Individual Coaching Techniques

• Group Coaching Techniques


• Why Training Matters

• How to Train Remotely

• What to Train

• Individual Training Approaches

• Group Training Approaches


• If You Don't Inspect It - It's Not Happening

• Creating a Culture of Self-Accountability

• Holding People Accountable

Territory Management

• Creating Effective Territory Coverage

• Assigning Territory Responsibility

• Ensuring Territory Penetration

Sales Reporting

• Why Sales Reporting Matters

• Common Sales Reporting Errors

• Developing an Effective Sales Reporting Process

Employee Reviews

• The Purpose of Employee Reviews

• A Simple Review Process That Works