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Techniques for Balancing Work and Home Life

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn valuable techniques in order to effectively balance the many demands of work and home life.Work-life balance is a topic we hear about all the time. Or at least we used to. In our ever-changing, pandemic-filled world, home may now be where we work. Stress levels are at record highs and many employees now have new jobs such as caregiving or teaching children, in addition to their paid jobs. While we traditionally view work-life balance as the employee's responsibility, employers also play an important role. This topic addresses the role of both the employee and the employer in creating a workplace that fosters and encourages work-life balance. We will identify specific techniques for individuals to balance the many demands of work and home life, and specific techniques for organizational leaders to create a culture of work/life balance for their workforce.


Catherine Mattice-Zundel, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Civility Partners Mari Ryan, MBA, MHP, CWP, AdvancingWellness


Life Before COVID-19 and Life Now

• Work Demands

• Life Demands

• What Happens When They Conflict?

- Opportunity Cost of Picking One Over the Other

- Family Tension

- Work Suffering

- Career Limitations/Long-Term Financial and Wealth Implications If You Give up Work for Family

- Family Implications If You Give up Family for Work

• Life Today

- Separation Between Work and Home Is Gone

- Variable Hours

- Workload Changes

- Job Insecurity

- Stress/Mental Well-Being

• Achieve Business Goals

- Need People to Achieve Goals

• Policies and Benefits Influence WLB

- Flextime

- Work From Home

- Maternity and Breastfeeding Accommodations

- Change of Paradigm on Paternity Leave

- Compressed Workweek

- Limited Carryover of PTO

- PTO Available in Smaller Increments

- Performance Management and Evaluation

- Check With an Attorney

• Create a Strategic Plan

• In What Ways Can Culture Inhibit or Support WLB

• Psychological Safety

• Leaders as Role Models

• Corporate Heroes

• Leaning on Core Values

Employer Responsibilities

Culture and Organizational Techniques for Creating Work and Life Balance for Your Workforce

Techniques for Balancing Work and Life

• Self-Care as a Priority

• Personal Priorities

• Time Management

• Delegation

• Setting Boundaries

• Developing Resilience

- Mindfulness

- Having a Plan

- Recognize What You Can Control/Can't Control

- Community Connections

- Social Connections

- Gratitude

• Communicating Your Needs and Boundaries

• Managing Your Dignity

• Taking Time off/Away From Work

• Invest in Life Outside of Work - Explore Your Passions

• Emotional Intelligence