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5 Steps You Must Take Right Now to Help Your Burnt Out Employees

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn how to identify employee burnout as well as a multi-faceted approach to create a burnout resistant workforce.Many managers, leaders and human resource professionals fail to understand employee burnout, how it arises and how to address it at the individual and organizational level. Ignoring employee burnout can lead to increased employee turnover, reduced productivity, unexpected mistakes and lost innovation and growth opportunities. This topic helps those responsible for employee performance, from supervisors and team leaders to presidents and human resource professionals understand how employee burnout is a business issue in need of being addressed at the individual and organizational levels. Relying solely on employee assistance programs is a common mistake organizations make in addressing employee burnout. Instead, a multi-faceted approach is required to create a burnout resistant workforce that can weather the most volatile and uncertain of work conditions. This topic is critical for employers interested in getting the best from their employees.


Laurie Erdman, SHRM-SCP, Cambia Health Solutions


How to Identify Employee Burnout

• What Is Burnout and What Is Not Burnout?

• Burnout's Impact on Morale and Productivity

• Common Signs of Burnout

How to Go Beyond EAPs and Really Help Employees Overcome Burnout

• How to Approach an Employee About Burnout

• Create a Burnout Resistant Mindset

• Connect Employees to Their Purpose

How to Create a Burnout Resistant Workplace

• Burnout as a Skills Gap Issue

• An Organizational Approach to Burnout Resistance

• Culture Trumps Strategy in the Long Run