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Speak Up: How to Manage a Shy Employee

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Gain the tools you need to improve engagement when working with people who have reserved traits.If you encounter difficult situations when working with extremely reserved, shy employees, this topic is for you. Do you get frustrated when your reserved team members delay their responses, or do not offer their perspective at all? Do you want them to offer input and decisions in meetings, and they rarely do it? If you have these challenges, this material will arm you with the insights and techniques to break through this communication and motivation challenge. This topic will give you insight into how they see the world, how they prefer to engage with you and others, and what you can do to not only invite them into the conversation but to actively engage in it.


Guy Harris, The Kevin Eikenberry Group


A Framework for Understanding

• The DISC Model of Human Behavior - to Understand Differences and Drives

• How to Better Interpret the Way They Respond to Situations

• Likely Motivations and Perspectives of Reserved People

• How Your Efforts to Inspire and Motivate Might Shut Them Down

Adjusting Your Communication to Connect Better

• The Best Words, Tone, and Pace

• Using Email, Text, and IM Messages to Create Space for Communication

• Invite Engagement in Meetings

• Practical Strategies to Elicit Feedback From Them

What You Can Do to Create Motivation

• Using Pull Rather Than Push Motivation

• Put Them in a Position to Win

• Play to Their Strengths and Stay out of Their Blind Spots

• What to Do It You Simply Cannot Find the Hook for Getting Them Engaged