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Business Etiquette: Tips and Rules You Need to Follow

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Learn business etiquette best practices.Learn how to always make a good impression with the information in this business etiquette for 2020 material. Be it in-house with your staff, or out there building relationships with clients, they'll all think highly of you long after you've left the room. Good business is built on commanding respect more than anything else. Turn yourself into the business equivalent of James Bond through this speaker's interactive, unique method of teaching. Developed over decades of practice and effective in every scenario, it's the closest you'll get to a sure thing.


Michael Kaleikini, B.A., ABETA, Victory Media and FE2 Performance



• Who Am I?

• Why This? Why Now?

• Who Does This Apply to?

• What to Expect

Overview of Business Etiquette

• Brief History

• Evolution to Today

The Handshake

• Origins

• Good, Bad, and Ugly

• Proper Handshake

Small Talk or Perish

• 30-Day Rule

• Example and Reflection

• Small Talk at Meals

Techno Etiquette

• Tech Has Taken Over

• Things to Remember

• Put the Phone Down

• Email Etiquette

• Sign It Right

• IM Etiquette

Business Etiquette for Networking in 2020

• 50 New Relationships

• Netweaving vs Networking

• It's Not What You Know, It's Who

• Watch Your Attitude

• Gold Business Cards

• Watch Time

• What Not to Talk About