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Succeed with Microsoft® Visio®: Tips, Techniques and Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (68 minutes)

Unleash the power and features of Microsoft® Visio®.A simple org chart is what the boss asked for and discovered it's not as easy as you thought. Microsoft® Visio® not only allows you to build that org chart but offers tools to link to sub-charts of other groups to help others understand where your group is placed among the company organization. Workflows, timelines, and even process modeling will be discussed in this material.


Jay R. Carlson,


What Is Visio®?

Why Should I Use Visio®?

• Simplify and Communicate Complex Information and Scenarios

- Org Chart

- Timelines

- Process Modeling

- Business Workflows

- Manufacturing System Diagramming

Overview of the Visio® User Interface

• Tools and Features

- Smart Shapes

- Review the Shapes and Using the Correct Shape

- Connectors

Review of the Available Diagrams and Models

Working in Visio®

• Create a Simple Workflow

• Create a Simple Org Chart

- Add Data to the Org Chart to Create a Dashboard