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Product ID: 407155EAU

Advanced Microsoft® PowerPoint® Training

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Master Microsoft® PowerPoint® with this advanced training.Many office professionals are required to create PowerPoint® presentations but they lack a deep understanding of the program and how it can help to convey their message in a way that is content rich and visually interesting. This program will highlight some of the more useful (but less used) functions available within PowerPoint® as well as demonstrate the newest features which Microsoft® has added to increase the power of PowerPoint® substantially. Gain valuable insight into the advanced functions of Microsoft® PowerPoint® and save hours of time when creating your presentations.


Marie R. Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM, MRH Enterprises LLC


Explore Some of the New Functions in PowerPoint® 2019/Office 365®

• Create a Dashboard Slide to Enhance Presentation Navigation

• Explore the Fantastical New Transition Effect Added to PowerPoint® That Will Quickly Become a Favorite for You

• Play With the New 3-D Model Features

Add Visual Interest to Your Presentations With Ease

• Learn How to Use Specialized Shapes in Your Slides to Complete Tasks

• Perfect Our Animation Settings and Transfer Them From One Graphic to Another

• Understand How to Create Animation Settings for Everything From Graphics to Text to Charts and SmartArt and More

• Create Multiple Master Templates Within One Presentations

Communicate in New Ways With the New Recording Ribbon

• Discover How You Can Insert Screen Shots Effortlessly

• Work With Audio and Video in Your Presentations

• Insert a Screen Recording Into Your Slide