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Rewarding and Recognizing Achievement and Employee Suggestions

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Understand the connection between motivation and reward, along with various types of incentives and rewards.There is a direct and unbreakable link between motivation and rewards. For the vast majority of employees, what they get in return for their efforts determines the level of effort they are willing to invest. In the absence of fair rewards, it becomes very difficult to remain motivated or committed. This topic equips you with the theories behind personal motivators of employee's motivation, application of motivational theories in the workplace, recognizing employee's efforts. You will be able to help disengaged employees regain their motivation. The information explains the connections between motivation and reward in-depth, along with the various types of incentives and rewards.


Audrey Halpern, ARH Employee Training


Understanding Motivation

• Elements That Contribute to Motivation

• Theories Behind Motivation

- Herzberg's Theory of Motivation

- Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

• Obstacles to Motivation

- Fear and Desire Affect Motivation

Motivating for Performance and Achievement

• Impact of Management Behavior on Motivation

• Identifying Personal Motivators

• Addressing Morale Issues

Rewarding and Recognizing Achievement and Employee Suggestions

• Know When and Where Recognition Is Needed

• How to Share Positive Feedback

• How to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

• Ways to Reward and How to Reward Employee Suggestions and Behavior