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Developing an Organizational Leadership Program

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Learn the keys to successfully establish a top-tier development program for your organization.From Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial startups, fast-paced growth means organizations not only need top talent and leaders, but also effective leadership development programs. The right leadership development program will propel your team forward and drive results. Today's frequently changing, agile teams are charged with success while thousands of Baby Boomers are readying to retire and younger talent is stepping into key roles. Organizations need guidance and best practices in how to develop an organizational leadership program that really works. This topic will guide you on identifying your leadership style, organizing your team, communicating effectively, assessing candidates, and inspiring positive team behaviors. In this information you will learn the keys to successfully establish a top-tier development program for your organization. As a result, you will be prepared to take the next steps to plan and implement your program.


Pamela Gilchrist, MA, APR, CPT, Gilchrist Group


Establish Yourself as a Credible Leader

• Why Your Personal Brand Matters

• Set Your Communications Tone

• Determine What Leadership Style Is Right for Your Culture

• Amp up Your Executive Presence and Presentation Skills

• Know Essential Qualities You Must Possess for Success

The Difference Between Leading Yourself, Others and the Business

• Understand Yourself Better

• Understand Your Team Members and Their Perceptions

• Understand Your Business Financials, Sales Channels and Performance Metrics

• Focus on the Critical Few, Not the Trivial Many

Secrets to Hiring a Successful Team

• Look Beyond the Resume at Character and Competency

• Use Better Assessments to Identify Personality Styles and Predict Success

• Select the Best Candidates to Develop Into Future Leaders

Create and Keep a Healthy Team

• Understand the Common Ingredients for Healthy Teams

• Organize Your Team for Success From Diversity to Experience and Functional Roles

• Grow Your Team to Uncover Talents and Develop Skills

• Identify and Correct Team Dysfunction by Demanding Above the Line Behavior

• Hold Your Team Accountable

Improve Service Focus Both Internally and Externally

• Put the Customer First to Focus on Loyalty and Retention

• Use Emotional Intelligence to Improve Client Understanding

• Maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

• Develop Success Measurements

Keep Communication Flowing to Build Trust

• Amp up Your Emotional Intelligence to Improve Your Leadership

• Communicate Clearly and Explain Context

• Understand Stakeholder Audiences

• Build Rapport and Establish Trusted Relationships

• Drive Results and Track Impact While Remaining Human

• Understand Why Predictability Is Important

Effectively Navigate Friction, Frustration and Conflict

• Gain Agreement for Above the Line Behavior

• Train Your Team How to Conduct Crucial Conversations

• Understand How to Manage Tension Without Tirades

• Maintain Clear Policies and Procedures, and Fair Play

• Seek Help From an Ombudsman as Needed