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Advanced OneNote®: Mastering Tools & Features

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Discover the advanced features of OneNote that will help you as an office professional.Many office professionals use OneNote but they haven't really explored the features that are included with the program. This means they are missing out on the incredible value of this awesome tool. This topic will show you many of the functions of OneNote that may not be commonly used but that will save office professionals hours of time and frustration when properly incorporated into the notebooks. This information will allow you to gain valuable insight into the advanced functions of Microsoft® OneNote and be able to use notebooks to manage projects, increase team collaboration and stay organized.


Marie R. Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM, MRH Enterprises LLC


Organize OneNote Effectively

• Set up Your Notebooks to Work More Efficiently by Fully Utilizing Grouping, Linking, and Rearranging

• Take Advantage of Password Protecting to Keep Your Documents Secure, Even When Shared

• Utilize Tags to Keep Track of Important Details and Keep Yourself on Track

Build Upon OneNote's Audio/Video Capabilities

• Discover the Powerful Features That Will Help You With Your Meeting Minute Taking

• Search Within Images and Capture Text From All Your Scanned or Handwritten Documents

• Use OneNote's Translation Features to Easily Work With Diverse Audiences

Integrate OneNote With Office™

• Discover the Many Ways You Can Integrate Your OneNote Notebooks Throughout Microsoft® Office™

• Use OneNote as a Collaboration Tool in Reviewing Other Documents

• Gather Documents and Images From Other Programs and Consolidate Them Into One Notebook for Ease of Access