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Recognizing the Me in Team: Individual Achievement, Encouragement and Rewards

OnDemand Webinar (73 minutes)

Learn techniques to recognize leaders within a team that can accelerate team performance while keeping it in a positive perspective.

Many leaders who manage a team, struggle with balancing the motivational tension between incentivizing individuals without compromising teamwork. They also do not consider how to recognize individuals on a team in a manner that will positively motivate other team members. Recognizing the me in team helps leaders understand how first to recognize individuals who demonstrate desired performance outcomes and then how to understand the positive effects it has on team productivity. This topic also explains best practices for recognizing individuals that lead to ideal team functioning. Failing to recognize individuals in an accurate manner is the most common error leaders make when trying to motivate other employees. It often leads to team members feeling resentful toward the individual and/or the organization, instills a hostile competitive culture, and turnover. This information is critical for leaders so they can increase employee productivity for little to no cost to the organization.


Gena Yuvette Davis, MBA, CCP, BCC, True Synergy, Inc.


Individual Achievement

• What Do People Value?

• Indicators of Motivation

• When and How to Give Praise


• Supervisor as Coach

• Build Confidence Not Resentment in Your Team


• Which Types of Rewards Are Most Relevant?

• How Do You Identify Your Employees' Rewards?

• How to Build Social Influence?