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How to Effectively Manage Conflict With Peers

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn to recognize the common causes of conflict between peers and understand the possible steps to take after calm is restored.Conflict has permeated our culture and our workplaces. From national politics to courtrooms to media to work, people have learned to not be nice to each other. While bullying and misbehaviors are decried, very little is done to support a culture of civility and calm. The result is conflict, chaos, loss of productivity, low morale, and costly turnovers. This topic helps leaders, supervisors and managers understand the causes of peer conflict and provide actionable ideas to de-escalate conflict in teams and workplaces.


Douglas E. Noll, J.D., M.A., Noll Associates


What Causes Conflict Between Humans

• The 6 Needs of Conflict

- Vengeance

- Vindication

- Validation

- The Need to Be Heard

- The Need to Create Meaning

- The Need for Safety

• The Four Responses That Never Work

- Emotional Invalidation

- Problem Solving

- Rationalizing, Justifying

- Counter-Aggression

Understanding Emotions

• The Strong Cultural Bias Against Emotional Competency

• Affect - What We Are Born With

• Emotion - What We Create

• Alexithymia - the Root Cause of Most Conflict

What Can You Do About It?

• Meeting the Need to Be Heard

- The Four Levels of Reflection

• Listening to Emotions

- Ignore the Words

- Guess at the Emotions

- Reflect the Emotions With a You Statement

- You Know You Have It Right When

• After Calm Is Restored

- Do Nothing

- Results-Based Listening

- Interest-Based Problem Solving

- Bring in a Neutral Third Person

- Get a Binding Decision