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Manager-Employee Privilege and Confidentiality

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Learn about the different types of sensitive information you may receive and identify methods for storing that information.Many employers receive sensitive or confidential information each day ranging from social security numbers, as part of onboarding, to medical information related to leave requests. Employers may receive this information so regularly, that they do not think twice about their practices for recording and storing information. This topic will help those responsible for receiving and storing this information recognize different types of sensitive information they may receive and identify methods for storing that information. Failing to have sufficient controls on sensitive or confidential information can lead to penalties in many states under data privacy laws if the information is lost, inadvertently accessed, or otherwise disclosed to an unauthorized individual.


Adrienne Scheffey, Akerman LLP


Confidential Information/Sensitive Data Overview

• Sensitive Data vs. Confidential Information

• General Employee Matters and Onboarding

• Human Resources and Matters Related to Litigation

How Medical Information Is Most Commonly Received by Employers

• FMLA-Related Scenarios

• ADA-Related Scenarios

• COVID-19

Keeping Sensitive Information Secure

• Physical Controls

• Access Controls

• Technical Controls

Risks If Confidential Information Is Accessed by an Unauthorized Individual

• Brief Overview of Key State Laws