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The Long Distance Leader: Strategies for Leaders Separated From Their Team by Location and Time Zones

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Effectively lead your team while you're remote and watch productivity soar.

The reality of the working world today and for the life of a leader is that all of those you lead likely won't be down the hall or in the next cubicle. Each day technologies allow more people to lead teams far from where they are, or even for people to work from home one or more days a week. While there are realities to this situation and even opportunities gained from it, there are tremendous productivity and leadership challenges caused by this fact. This topic will help any leader navigate these challenges more successfully. We will outline the biggest challenges and systematically talk about how to overcome them, and even take advantage of the opportunities remote teams offer us. If you lead a team remotely, or expect that you will in the future, this topic will help you be more successful in building your team, developing your people and creating the results needed by your team, and will leave you with new skills and the confidence to use those new skills.


Kevin Eikenberry, The Kevin Eikenberry Group


The Challenges of Leading Remotely

• Communication Challenges

• Trust Challenges

• Relationship Challenges

Why It Matters

• Creating Greater Productivity

• Reducing Conflicts

• Developing Your Team

Leading More Successfully

• Task Performance

• Relationships

• Communication

Tools and Tips