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Understanding Non-Fraternization Policies

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Understand the risks associated with non-fraternization policies and learn how to write, implement and enforce them.The exodus of decision makers and front-line employees, because of workplace relationships, continues. So why are companies doubling down on outdated and obviously ineffective policy language in an attempt to ban workplace romance? This topic explains how to write, implement and enforce a non-fraternization policy. Learn the legal risks associated with non-fraternization policy. Overcome the obstacles to successful policy enforcement. Get out of the babysitting business and take away sample policy language for both large and small organizations.


Hunter Lott, HR Policy Studio


Why We Can No Longer Ignore Workplace Romance

• Inappropriate Favoritism

• Balance of Power

• High Percent of Employees Dating and Marrying Co-Workers

• #MeToo Movement

The Challenges

• Employees Bring Their Private Life Into the Workplace

• Companies Waiting Until Behavior Affects Performance Before Acting

• One Problem With Standard Non-Fraternization Policies: Enforcement

The Law

• Privacy: Legal Activity off the Job

• Marital Status

• Anti-Nepotism Policy

• The Difference Between Harassment and Responsible Romance

• Current Case Law

How to Structure Policy

• Explain Why

• Definition of Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior

• Consequences

It's About Your Corporate Culture

• Sample Behavior Policy

• Sample Sexual Harassment Language

• Sample Anti-Nepotism Language

• Sample Non-Fraternization Policy for Small Business (Less Than 500 Employees)

• Sample Non-Fraternization Policy for Big Business (More Than 500 Employees)