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How to Develop a Global Code of Conduct

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Multinationals have been issuing global codes of conduct for so long that these documents, in many cases, have gotten sloppy.Some organizations' codes of conduct are out-of-date; for example, many fail to address social media and #metoo issues. Some organizations' codes blur the line between employee conduct and the conduct of workers in the supply chain - people the organization does not even employ. Some organizations' codes got drafted nicely at headquarters but never got correctly implemented globally, and do not "stick" at operations and offices overseas. This material reviews how to draft or update, and then how to launch, a state-of-the-art global code of conduct or business ethics. It flags the traps, mistakes and shortcomings that bedevil multinationals as they try to impose detailed global rulebooks on staff across many countries at the same time.


Donald C. Dowling Jr., Littler Mendelson P.C.


How to Structure Your Global Code of Business Conduct/Ethics Project

• Distinguishing a Single Global Code of Business Conduct/Ethics From a Series of Aligned Local Codes, One per Country (or a Global Code + Local Country Riders)

• Embracing the Inevitable Compromises Necessary for a Single Global Rule

• Distinguishing a Global Employee Handbook (or Series of Aligned Handbooks, One per Country)

• Distinguishing a Package of Internal Global HR Policies (Global Social Media Policy, Global Discrimination/Harassment Policy, etc.)

• Distinguishing a Global Supply Chain Code of Conduct

- Supply Chain Reporting Mandate Laws

• Distinguishing the Launch of a First-Ever Internal Global Code of Conduct/Ethics From Updating/Repealing/Replacing an Existing Code

How to Draft Your Global Code of Business Conduct/Ethics Document

• How to Decide Which Topics to Include? Which Topics Not to Include?

• Checklist of the Common Topics and Topic-Specific Issues as to Addressing Them Globally

How to Implement and Launch Your Global Code of Business Conduct/Ethics Globally

• Nine Implementation Steps