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Microsoft Access: Building a Database the Right Way

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Learn how to take your raw data and create meaningful reports that will help you get the most of your data using this software.

A relational database application such as Access® can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. You can use it as a personal data management tool, or you can use it as a construction set to develop applications for an entire department or organization. In this topic you will learn the fundamental skills required to design and build a database using Microsoft® Access®. This information covers database terminology, building tables and the relationships between them, creating queries and creating a simple data-entry form.


Mike Thomas,


Database Terminology

Building a Database: Flat File vs. Relational

Creating Tables

Field Types

Entering and Editing Data

Modifying a Table Structure

Creating a Basic Query

Sorting the Query Into Alphabetical/Numerical/Chronological Order

Selecting Records Using Criteria (Simple and Complex)

Creating a Simple Data-Entry Form