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Two Way Trading Relationship: Doing Business in Canada and the United States

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Review current macro issues such as U.S. tax reform, cannabis legalization in Canada, the "new NAFTA"--the US-Canada-Mexico Agreement (USMCA)--impacting cross-border businesses.Canada and the United States enjoy one of the world's largest bilateral trading relationship, with nearly $2 billion in trade and 300,000 persons crossing the Canada - U.S. border each day. The Canada - U.S. business relationship is also the most integrated in the world, with 1/3 of its trade occurring within cross-border companies (i.e., intra-firm trade) and another 1/3 occurring within bi-national supply chains (e.g., the auto, aerospace, and energy industries). Notwithstanding the intertwined nature of the Canada - U.S. business community, there exist material legal and regulatory differences between the two countries that have only been amplified by the new NAFTA, The US-Canada-Mexico Agreement (USMCA), tax reform, cannabis legalization, and protectionist policies. This topic will feature experts from the leading full-service Canada - U.S. law firm who will provide updates on matters of Canada - U.S. corporate law and review real-world case studies, and will benefit both those currently operating in the cross-border environment, as well as those seeking to enter the Canadian market.


Mark R. High, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Kathy Le, Dickinson Wright PLLC Daniel D. Ujczo, Dickinson Wright PLLC


An Overview of Canada - U.S. Trade and Transactions

• General Trends in the Canada - U.S. Business Environment

• Current Macro Issues Between Canada and the U.S. Impacting Cross-Border Businesses (USMCA, Us Tax Reform, Cannabis Legalization)

Differences in Canada-U.S. Legal Regimes

• Federal/State/Provincial Differences

• Differences in Regulatory Authorities

• Case Study-Foreign Investment Review

Choosing the Right Way to Enter the Market

• Selling Cross-Border

• Choosing the Right Corporate Entity in Canada and the U.S.

• Taxation Considerations

• Case Study-Transfer Pricing

Key Considerations

• Intellectual Property Changes

• Moving Your Goods Across the Canada-U.S. Border/Customs Compliance

• Moving Your People Across the Canada-U.S. Border

Looking Ahead


• Cannabis

• Procurement/Buy American

• Regulatory Reform