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Microsoft PowerPoint: New Options for Professional Video and Sound Recording

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Explore the power beyond Microsoft® Office® and experience all the tools to reimagine your webinar or video presentation.

Is PowerPoint® obsolete? Are you ready to shoot the next presenter who uses bullet points like buckshot? Are you that annoying presenter with a stack of text slides? PowerPoint® is the premier storyteller. The purposes of this topic is to power up PowerPoint®, turn it up with the new tools available. Many professionals use PowerPoint® to show the data. This topic begins with a demonstration of using Excel® with PowerPoint® to create engaging graphics. Linked or Embedded? What are the advantages? Microsoft® PowerPoint® includes tools for creating a show with videos and background decks. Learn how to add sound and videos into your presentations. Use the video tools to trim, color correct, fade out, and rewind. Transform your information into professional videos using Camtasia and Audacity. Camtasia is perfect add-on tool for PowerPoint® because everything works. The content will demonstrate best practices for screen captures and recordings. Share the wealth, beyond sharing links, publishing to national sites. This topic will look at the options for publishing to YouTube®.


Elizabeth Ann Nofs, Washtenaw Community College


Powered Up PowerPoint®

• Before You Begin: Goals, Objectives, Software

• Online: Collaboration, light editing and publishing

• Desktop (On Premise): Advanced features and productivity tools

Show the Data Integrating Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Excel®

• Insert and modify Charts in PowerPoint®

• Edit the Charts in Excel®

• Linking and Embedding

Create a Show

• Create videos with the PowerPoint® options

• Create videos with Camtasia

• Record narrations in Audacity

Go Live

• Beyond Sharing Links

• Publishing videos to YouTube®