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Read Between the Lines: Selecting and Hiring the Right Candidate

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Recruit and select the right candidates with these insider tips.

Learn how to read between the lines for effective, creative sourcing. There is no easy button for talent acquisition. Anyone who attempts to sell you that there is an easy way to recruit probably should not be trusted. Software companies suggest using their software to post and pray, and candidates magically appear. Has that been your experience? It certainly has not been the candidate experience. This topic teaches companies the steps that are required to be successful not only attracting the top candidates, but also how to successfully onboard, engage, and retain them. The good news is there is a process, if followed, it will help companies improve their talent attraction efforts. This information shares some of the RecruiterGuy's secrets.

Learning Objectives

After attending this live webinar, you will be able to:

discuss the importance of the job description.

describe successful sourcing.

review interviewing and selecting the best candidate.

explain how to actuate your new employees right away with proper goal setting.


Bill Humbert,


What Are the Basics?

• The Recruiting Process Mirrors the Sales Process Perfectly

• Manager Engagement From the Beginning Is Key

• Take Advantage of Lessons Learned From Lean/Agile Process Improvement

• Follow the Process - or the Wheels Fall From Your Recruiting Effort

Importance of the Job Description

• Most Important Step in Recruiting Process

• When Proper - Process Flows

• When Vague - the Process Struggles

• Recruiterguy's Secret Sauce Improves Every Job Description

Successful Sourcing

• Company Website

• Posting and Praying

• Recruiting Passive Candidates

• Manager Sourcing

Interview and Selection of Best Candidates

• Train Managers to Effectively Interview

• Creating Effective and Informative Reference Checks for Cultural Fit

Great First Impression Onboarding

Actuate Your New Employees Immediately With Proper Goal Setting

You Hired Them, Now Retain Them!