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Using Break Even Analysis to Multiply Your Profit

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

Learn how to identify your business's break event point and gain knowledge on the basic business profit equation.Top line vs. bottom line. ROI. It's more than just increasing sales and decreasing costs, because sales and costs are not independent, they are related. It's managing and leveraging that relationship that is the key to increasing profitability. This information will cover the relationship between sales and costs, by using break even analysis and profit modeling, and the concept of cost optimization.


Clay Neves, Universal Accounting Center/Institute


Basic Business Profit Equation - Not as Simple as It Looks

It's Not About Sales, It's About Profitable Sales

How the Gush of Revenue Becomes the Trickle of Profit

Variable Cost - Cogs - Profit Opportunities

Fixed Costs - Necessary vs. Discretionary - Profit Opportunities

Cost Minimization vs. Cost Optimization

Break Even, Profitability, and Multiple Compounding Profit Factors

The Break Even and Profit Modeling Worksheet