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Managers Guide to FMLA

OnDemand Webinar (107 minutes)

Help ensure compliance throughout your organization by fully understanding FMLA requirements.

The federal Family Medical Leave Act has been in effect for 25 years and it still is one of the most complicated laws that employers deal with at times. While the concepts of FMLA are fairly straightforward, there are so many administrative tasks to be taken under the law and failing to do them correctly can be a costly mistake for employers. Determining who is eligible for leave and what type of leave can be taken is just one of the issues. The other major issue confronting employers is making sure that the correct documentation is both provided to and received from employees both before and during leave. This program helps anyone who has to deal with FMLA within their company. Review who are eligible employer and employees, and discuss in depth what kinds of leave that employees may take and how to best manage that leave. Tracking down paperwork and controlling intermittent leave are some of the most difficult problems employers face and tips and hints for both will be discussed in this information. This information will help any person responsible for FMLA feel more confident and comfortable administering FMLA.


Sharon Jutila, AmeriBen/IEC Group


Employee and Employer Coverage Under FMLA

• Employers

• Employees

• Who Is Family Under FMLA25

What Types of Leave

• Parental

• Serious Health Condition - Employee and Family Member

• Military Leave

• Intermittent and Reduced Schedule Leave

Notifications Required

• By Employers

• By Employees

Protections Provided to Employees

• Reinstatement

• Health Insurance and Benefits

Required Documentation

• Employer Policies

• Department of Labor Forms

• Serious Health Condition Requests